We provide a measures set to improve your production, including:

Business strategy


Design Solution


Information technology


Organization and people


Our state of Art training Programs adds you an unfair advantage over competition and keep you on fast track mode of career.

When you’re competing for key industry contacts, it’s  vital to be first in line for new development.

Our premium business tool is to provide free R&D Researches to saves you time and  effort by tracking a vast array of online sources including blogs, networks and social media. Our team of industry  experts ensure that all the relevant and timely information will be given  before they come to you.

Our expertise with Engineering support, Engineering consultancies and Engineering innovations assist our customers to realize their goals such as value transformation,increase market share, minimizing risks and capitalization on new developments and opportunities.

We are working with Global OEM and Tier 1 suppliers around the globe. We work in area of Engineering Product design, Engineering Design Support, Reverse Engineering, Value Engineering, Advance Engineering, Engineering Prototypes, Tooling and Documentation.

Backup Engineering, excellence brings Global Knowledge about cutting edge technologies and processes in the field of Design, Engineering & Manufacturing. Our experts from Turkey provides training in area of Product Design, CAE (Validation), Manufacturing Simulations and Quality Management System.

Our innovative, proprietary technology, expert analysts  and extensive network of contacts in the industry enable you to:


your process by reviewing  successful manufacturers and gaining an understanding of how to convience the other side for a better deal.


purchase efficiency by receiving local market prices relevant products

Stay one step ahead

of your competitors with our early purchase and development alerts



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