CEF IC VE DIS TICARET LTD STI. is sister company of CESAN Elektrikli Vinç Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

We provide solution of any technical problem with development and production stamps.

Company experience can give you guarantee: solution in shortest possible time; successful cooperation; cost-effective cost; development from scratch; turnkey stamp project from zero.

We offer:

  • Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Aluminium Injection Moulding
  • Die Moulding
  • Other stamp types


Die molding

Toolshop has many important competence and consisting of Tool Processing, Tool Try-out and Assembly divisions. Besides Our Toolshop has been equipped with many important workbench as Try-out Presses and 3&5-axis CNC machining centers. The most important competencies of the Toolshop as below;

  • Up to 50 tons tool processing capacity.
  • Maximum size of capability for die production is 6.000 mm X 2.700 mm.
  • CNC capacity is 300.000 h/y
  • CAD, CAM, CNC, Tool Assembly and Tool Try-out abilities.
  • Be able to produce Transfer, Progressive, Manuel and Skin Panel Dies.
  • Be able to offer easy solutions for difficult, complex and problematic dies.
  • Nearly half century high-level project and manufacturing experience for the automotive industry.
  • Quickly and easily measuring ability with three-dimensional optical measurement mobile devices on-site.


Plastic injection molding

Our basic principles in mold production; Production without sacrificing quality is timely delivery and competitive with our prices.

According to the technical information from our customers, pricing is made according to the desired mold specifications and the proposals are prepared and presented to our customers.

After receiving the order confirmation for the proposal, the production plan of the mold is made. Mold is designing  via SIEMENS NX and SOLIDWORKS Cad programs

by our engineer and technical teacher personels.

After the design process, production process begins after the approval of our customer.


aluminum injection molding

Our skilled engineering team carry out the designings with CAD programs including all formats and they support the production process integratedly with the customer.

It will be enough a drawing, 3D model or any 3D data of your idea to form it. Our designers will generate  a 3D model tailored to your needs in a short time period.

We also offer designing  of other tools and fixtures that are used in machining and then provide them in our molding shop.


Before the moulding process, the simulation of the mould is performed with the high technology softwares.

Up  to the simulation results, the mould production is carried out in one and thereby in the best and fastest way.

If any change is needed, before being applied, it is simulated and all possible risks are shared with the customer.